From marketing assets to educational videos and further reading. Here is a list of resources that you may find helpful to educate yourself on Lithium and the early-crypto space.

Marketing assets

Lithium is a community-driven initiative. The benefit of this is that our community can all promote our project with their unique voice. The downside is that inconsistent promotional posts can make our brand look amateur. We’ve created a list of duplicatable assets, that you can use to promote Lithium.

Investor updates

Our community are our investors. They have a right to know exactly what the founding team are working on, and how our development wallet is being spent. Every Sunday we post a weekly investor update, highlighting key metrics, what went well, what didn’t go well, and what our plan is for the week ahead.

Explainer videos

We believe that understanding the Web 3.0 space isn’t that complicated. It’s just poorly explained. Our explainer videos exist to help your community understand the early-stage crypto space and Lithium's role within it.

Listen to the AMA’s

AMA’s (ask me anything’s) are a communication tool we’ve always seen as critical to providing transparency to our community. We run an AMA most weekends, usually picking a single topic to focus on. You can see an archive of past AMA’s below.

Further reading

The investors who will succeed in the early-crypto space will be those who are best educated. Whether this is understanding the importance of having an investment strategy, being able to understand real-world use cases of crypto projects, or getting to grips with the underlying technology of blockchain. We’ve collated some of the best thought pieces and books on Web3.0.