The core objective of Fund II is to build a diversified portfolio of 20-30 high conviction, early stage projects that we believe are well positioned to succeed in shaping the future of web 3.0. Leaning on the investment process developed for Fund I, we will also use the capital raised within Fund II to not only allocate capital to listed tokens with a strong value proposition, but also negotiate off market deals with startup founders - giving investors access to heavily discounted and favorable deal sheets in line with a venture capital model of investing.

Our proprietary investment framework has been designed to select the best founders with the most talented teams. Long vetting periods, founder interviews, competitor analysis and full code audits are used as standard, using our own experience managing alternative assets to build a portfolio diversified across blockchains, use cases, geographies and stages.

The long-only mandate of Fund II lends itself to success in neutral - bullish markets. This characteristic puts holdings in this vehicle at the top end of the risk spectrum, however with this larger risk comes the potential of higher rewards.